Counsellors In Buderim & Surrounds

Headspace Maroochydore is here to help young people aged 12-25 who are going through a rough time. At times seeing practitioners will be invited by Shelley into the clinic to add to or support the services being supplied. Visiting professionals will be from variety of professional disciplines and with specific areas of expertise. If you are interested we will discuss visiting staff/programs with you should this be clinically suggested, but feel free to ask Shelley about present visiting staff or programs. People who seek psychological services are everyday individuals who need to live a more healthy and positive lifestyle.

The primary goal of the organisation is to supply a free, confidential counselling service to members of the Sunshine Coast community who have been involved in, been witness to, or lost a loved one in a road trauma incident. RTSQ has provided counselling to more than 180 people affected by road trauma, with almost all of these happening in the past two years. Headspace Maroochydore works with young people to get them the services they have to get their lives back on track.

Headspace Maroochydore is a partnership of local health and community service organisations using an intention to provide completely integrated primary health care services in one youth friendly” surroundings for young people. The Sunshine Coast Psychology Clinic enjoys an enviable reputation among teachers, pediatricians, general practitioners and other local child therapy sunshine coast professionals together with a confident relationship with individuals and families. We're a team of dedicated and committed psychologists who provide a professional service based on experience and best practice knowledge, and a genuine care for our clients.