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Acidic Hype can be a free journal for fiction that is speculative that is contemporary. Apart from the creative exercise that has consumed me far from collection writing and goals of bestsellerhood, I have been released by my short stories to visitors who've never read my books. Admittedly, some of my new love affair with short stories continues to be as a result of time elements: given that I'm doing more screenwriting and teaching (I instruct Afrofuturism at UCLA and in the creative writing MFA program at Antioch School La), it requires longer to create a book.

I'm in the midst of taking care of three sizes of the Best Women's Erotica of the Year sequence at once, selling Quantity 1, which will be out in print, book and audiobook, finalizing the table of contents for Volume 2, that will adult stories be revealed in December, and doing some early offers and proposition, and spreading the term as large and far as I can concerning the demand submissions for Quantity 3 thus I - can meet my purpose if getting 500 submissions.

Genres in which short stories are currently currently selling properly contain: erotica, love, mystery, and science-fiction / fantasy. With some stories I've created, I Did not observe this is of the story until many years after the account was written by me. I've massive dreams prepared; a 38 Great Love sequence (Previously with summaries plus some with whole collections begin to complete) and 34 stories in Terror and Erotica. Like another person stated earlier, perform a google-search for writers' forums which are intended for love or erotica books.